OMCI was born in 1973 from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Magni Family.

The beginning: Pietro’s MC

In the 50’s Pietro Magni, a former mechanic, founds the MC as a sole proprietorship dedicated to the manufacturing of components for tower cranes. In 1965 he founds the MM, leaving MC activities in the hands of his son Giorgio who begins his career producing mechanical parts for his father’s new business.
The turning point in Giorgio’s career came a few years later, when Pietro sold his share in MC. After losing his only client at the time, Giorgio starts to develop axles for companies of different types and dimensions. Using military material, Giorgio succeeds in making resistant and high-quality mechanical units which are immediately met with great success on the market.

MC becomes OMCI S.p.A.

The business continues to grow and in 1973 it becomes a joint stock company: it was the beginning of Officine Metalmeccaniche Costruzioni Industriali. In these years Giorgio is one of the first manufacturers in the sector to design axles for reach stackers. Satisfied with the results achieved in Italy, in the early 1980s he begins to expand the business beyond national borders.
The new millennium brought significant changes in the company reality: Giorgio’s two sons take over the reins of the business: Pietro, Mechanical and Sales Engineer and Davide, Mechanical Engineer and Head of Production. OMCI has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of axles, winches and wheel hubs for heavy vehicles.

Today OMCI is a company with proven experience, able to supply products of modern design, quality, reliability, and long life.


Philosophy: Quality Over Number

Although it remained a family business, OMCI closely monitored market trends and demands ensuring a high degree of design versatility and product customization. The production process is carefully managed and monitored – from the arrival of raw materials to the shipping of finished products – to ensure high quality and optimal performance.
Today present in Europe, North America, India and China, OMCI boasts the collaboration with both local and international technical partners and the trust of a varied clientele, from big companies to small manufacturers of special machines. Everyone is treated with the same attention: our approach focuses on human relations which, together with sound technical expertise and targeted technological investments, represents an important competitive advantage on the market.