Our Story, Our Philosophy

OMCI, once a sole proprietorship and now a joint stock company, was born in 1973 from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Magni Family. A history of commitment, foresight and hard work with a very precise mission: to guarantee resistant and high-quality mechanical units. We believe in the importance of prioritising quality over quantity: we manufacture approximately 1,000 axles and 200 wheel hubs per year, closely monitoring the entire production process. Our added value lies in human relations and in the high degree of product customization.

Discover our story

Research & Development

We collaborate with both local and international technical partners for research and development of products intended for special projects or applications.

Flexible Production

We have no catalogues or standard products, but product ranges to customize in accordance with customer-specific requirements.

Structural Strength

All our products are designed and engineered specifically to provide optimum long-term performance and strength.

International Presence

We sell our products directly both in Italy and abroad, establishing trusted relationships based on trust and transparency.

The Perfect Balance Between Technology and Craftsmanship

We keep a close eye on each phase of the production process: only a few production steps are outsourced, and all under our direct control. The project cycle begins with the feasibility study followed by the design phase, both carried out taking into account each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Once the design phase is ended, the production process begins in our factory. We have modern machinery for mechanical milling, turning and toothing. The subsequent processes – such as welding, assembly, quality control and painting – are performed manually by skilled and qualified personnel. Would you like to see how our products are made? Then watch the video below and discover OMCI production process: quality and safety are guaranteed.


We sell our products directly both in Italy and abroad. Special projects are developed in collaboration with both local and international technical partners of proven experience.